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Outdoor events: fairs, carnivals and festivals

You are planning on staging an outdoor event, a fair or a festival, and putting up or installing tents (e.g. festival tents), snack bars or some amusement park rides? Do your facilities to be powered by electricity, gas or propane?

Your responsibilities with regard to public safety

The Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) wishes to remind you that as the organizer or an event, owner or installer of such equipment, you are responsible for the safety of the public visiting your site. And that even though they are temporary, the accommodations and facilities should be set out in compliance with the applicable regulations, and maintained in good condition at all times.

A guide to help you

In order to help you ensure the public’s safety, refer to the guide entitled Outdoor events: fairs, carnivals and festivals [fr] – PDF (3,5 MB) including links to the existing regulations as well as recommendations concerning the safe use of facilities set up during outdoor events, with regard to buildings, gas, electricity and amusement park rides.

For who?

This guide is an essential reference for:
  • organizers of festivals
  • municipalities
  • owner-managers
  • installers of apparatus
  • all intervener taking part in installing the accommodations.

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