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The RBQ and you

You are at the centre of RBQ activities because you have important public safety responsibilities. If you are, in effect, the owner or operator of a building, equipment or a facility [Fr] subject to the statutes and regulations administered by the RBQ, you are governed in Québec by the Building Act and the Safety Code. The RBQ supervises the quality of construction work and the safety of buildings and equipment subject to the statutes and regulations it administers. The RBQ is the body that:
  • ensures you meet your obligations and the quality and safety requirements applicable to your building, facilities and equipment;
  • answers your requests for interpretation of the Safety Code and, where needed, the Construction Code;
  • advises you about regulatory changes;
  • intervenes following a complaint about a building, equipment or facility you own or operate.

We're working toward the same end

Our goals

Quality construction work, proper maintenance of buildings and safety of the public: these are ends we are pursuing together.

We know you have a heartfelt duty to ensure the safety of tenants or other users of the building you own or the facilities and other equipment you have on hand. Our duty is to ensure compliance with the regulatory standards that are implemented to ensure people's safety.

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