If you do the work on your buildings, equipment or facilities

You must check beforehand if an owner-builder's licence is required for the work you plan to do.

Note that there are exemption situations and certain types of work that do not require a licence.

The RBQ issues a licence after it has checked that an owner-builder has the necessary qualifications to perform the work covered by the class of licence sought.

What is considered construction work

Work involved in the foundation, erection, renovation, repair, maintenance, alteration and demolition of a building, facility intended for use by the public, installation independent of a building, petroleum equipment installation [Fr] or civil engineering work done on the job site itself and vicinity, including preliminary ground preparation work, is construction work.

Installation of elevators or gas or electrical equipment 

The installation of elevators and lifts (often used in seniors' residences) and of gas or electrical equipment must be done by specialized contractors who hold the proper licence subclass.

If you must have the work done by a contractor

You must make sure the contractor holds the right subclass of licence, as listed in the Licence holder register [Fr]. This precaution allows you to comply with the law and have the benefit of protections provided by the licence security in the event of a problem.

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