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Project and construction site management guarantor

The project and construction site management guarantor warrants the company with regard to planning, organizing, managing, controlling and assessing the building projects activities as a whole.

In this capacity, the guarantor must ensure that a constant interaction exists between the various stakeholders for the sake of harmonizing the needs and requirements of each, within the budgets and deadlines provided for.

For instance, such a guarantor would warrant the company with regard to the following:

  • Negotiating an agreement with the work provider taking into account his needs, but also the expertise limits of the company
  • Carrying out a written agreement respecting the terms and conditions of the verbal agreement, except where it is not feasible to do so (e.g., for an emergency repair)
    Complying with the provisions of the agreement, in particular with regard to the materials and the deadlines provided for
  • Negotiating contracts with subcontractors holding the licence subclasses appropriate to the work to be performed
  • Complying at all times with the standards, the regulations and the provisions of the Quebec Construction Code, and observing good practice, in collaboration with the construction work performance guarantor
  • Sending the various statements of work and the certifications provided for in the Construction Code or by specific laws, in collaboration with the administration guarantor
  • Controlling the quality of the work and, along with the construction work performance guarantor, managing any incident occurring after the work
  • Inspecting the whole of the work with the work provider
  • Creating a list of work to complete or correct, if required, including their schedule, performance details and delivery
  • Obtaining from the work provider a written confirmation of the acceptance of work.

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