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Escape games

Escape and live-action games are a popular form of entertainment, providing fun and adventure. While owners of these types of businesses are responsible for ensuring your safety, you must be careful and alert.

Make sure the premises are safe

Despite the nature of the game you’re playing, you must always be able to quickly, efficiently and safely escape the premises. To do so, you must namely:

  • be free, i.e.:
    • never be locked
    • never be restrained (e.g.: handcuffs)
  • be in a room with compliant safety lighting
  • know the emergency evacuation procedure
  • be able to see the emergency signs easily.

Inform the RBQ

If you see something that creates a risk for the safety of the public, you may inform the RBQ by completing the Complaint concerning public safety form.

Owners and managers

You own an escape game or manage a building offering this type of activity? Consult the page Escape games [Fr] to learn more about the regulation you must meet.

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