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Choose only certified equipment

Electricity, gas and plumbing

Whether it is for electrical, gas or plumbing equipment, appliances/apparatus and materials, the use of certified ones is a pledge of safety. Ask for the certification!


Installing electrical equipment which is not approved may pose major safety hazards. Such hazards can even be fatal in the case of an electrification or a fire caused by an electrical failure. All the more reason for the protection equipment such as circuit breakers to be approved by a recognized organization so that its manufacturing and operating criteria are vouched. As for the retailers and home improvement centers, they must ensure that the products they sell meet the requirements, failing which it is forbidden in the province of Quebec to sell or rent such products.

Please Please refer to the list of the sole approval organizations in the field of electricity [Fr] which are certified by the Standards Council of Canada and recognized by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ).


Gas is an energy source that is both convenient and safe, provided that certain basic safety rules are respected. When a gas-related equipment is not approved, or when it is installed or used irrespective of the essential precautionary measures of safety, it may cause serious burn injuries, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning!

Any gas-fired appliance/apparatus or equipment sold in Quebec must be approved by an organization that is recognized by the RBQ. Please refer to our page entitled The certification organizations and seals to learn which organizations are recognized in the field of gas.


Plumbing products which are not approved may pose serious hazards with regard to safety and sanitation. For instance:

  • Pipes or faucets which are not approved may prove hazardous to human health if they contain lead or include parts that are incompatible with water.
  • A glass washbasin or a shower cabin door which is not approved may not withstand even a slight impact and cause injuries.

All the more reason for the safety devices in plumbing, such as the temperature/pressure safety valve of a water heater, or a backflow preventer, to be certified by a recognized organization so that its manufacturing and operating criteria are met.

Since October 2, 2008, it is forbidden to sell or rent materials, appliances/apparatus or equipment intended for plumbing installations that have not been certified or approved by an accredited organization.

To find the list of these certification organizations and for more information, refer to the page entitled Recognized certification organizations.

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