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Lifting device for disabled persons or mobility impaired persons

Here are a few advices on the purchase, maintenance and use of of lifting device for disabled persons.

The different types of lifts

Refer to an occupational therapist

An occupational therapist is the most qualified person to determine which type of lift is best adapted to your needs in terms of functional independence and self-reliability.

Different types of lifts:

  • vertical platform with closed configuration car (with a door)
  • vertical platform with open configuration car (without a door)
  • stair chair
  • stair platform.

Under chapter IV, Elevators and other lifts, of the Construction Code, only a lift the prototype of which has been approved by an engineer, who is a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, or by the holder of a temporary permit delivered under the Engineers Act (c. I-9), and the approval of which has been transmitted to the RBQ, may be installed in Quebec.

The acquisition

You wish to acquire a lift specially designed for the transportation of a disabled person between the various levels of a building? 

The installation

The installation of a lift for disabled persons inside a building or a dwelling is set out in the Quebec Construction Code.

To evaluate your needs, an occupational therapist is the most qualified individual to help you with your functional independence and self-reliability needs.

Once your own needs have been identified, ask for bids from at least three suppliers specialized in such lifts.

Verify the references of the salesperson, lift manufacturer and installer

Call upon a specialist for the installation.

The installation of a lift for disabled persons or mobility impaired persons must be entrusted to a specialist holding the appropriate licence class.

The maintenance: make a contract

For obvious reasons of safety and costs, we strongly recommend entering into a maintenance agreement with a contractor holding a licence of the subclass 14.2.

The manufacturer of your lift must provide you with a maintenance program, which might be presented as a manual.

Standard CSA-B355 in force states the minimum maintenance requirements to be met by lifts for disabled persons in order to comply with the Safety Code.

Discrepancy between standard CSA-B355 and the manufacturer’s instructions

In case of a discrepancy between the requirements of standard CSA-B355 and the manufacturer’s instructions, the most stringent requirements shall be complied with.

The use of the lift

Under the Safety Code, the owner of a lift for disabled persons must make sure that:

  • the lift is used solely for the transportation of a disabled person or a mobility impaired person.
  • the person using this lift is familiar with its operation and with the safety measures to follow for its use.

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