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Guarantee Plan for New Residential Buildings

The Guarantee plan for new residential buildings covers all new houses as well as a large number of new condominium units. Its purpose is to ensure the performance of certain legal and contractual obligations on the part of your contractor. If you contemplate buying a new dwelling, do get informed whether or not your purchase can come under the Guarantee plan.

First purchaser

In the case of a later purchase of a house which had found no purchaser at the end of the works, all protections begin at the time of delivery, provided it occurs within 24 months following the end of the works. The only exception to this is the 5-year protection against inadequate design, construction fault or poor performance as well as soil defect; this protection begins as of the end of the works, and shall be limited to the remaining duration of the guarantee.

For instance, if you are the first purchaser of a house whose works have ended one year ago, the duration of the original 5-year protection against inadequate design, construction defect or performance fault and soil defect is presently of 4 years. The other protections shall begin at the time you took possession of your house.

Go to the Guarantee Plan site to find out the applicable coverage before and after receipt of the buildingThis link open an external website of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec in a new window..

Purchase of a property which has had a previous owner

The Guarantee plan is transferable to the next owner for the remaining duration of the protections. Thus, if you buy a house of recent construction but which has been previously owned by someone else, it is possible that your newly acquired property be covered nevertheless by the Guarantee plan for new buildings. Learn all about it!

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