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Strategic Plan

The year 2015-2016 marks the 3rd year of execution for the Strategic Plan 2013-2016, which ends on March 31, 2016. With regard to the next planning cycle, the RBQ has decided to extend its 2013-2016 strategic plan by one year so as to give itself more time to refocus its priorities and formulate the orientations that will bind it for the coming years.

Consult our 2013-2017 Strategic Plan [Fr]. – PDF (1,4 MB)


For the past few years, the organization has been working to:

  • modernize its business processes
  • improve its practices
  • increase the effectiveness of its interventions with regard to monitoring and applying standards
  • implement an appropriate legislative framework for its different sectors of activity.

Furthermore, in 2015, major program revision projects were added, positioned downstream from the work of the government's Commission de révision permanente des programmes.

The 2013-2017 Strategic Plan: a plan focusing on 4 orientations

The RBQ's strategic plan reinforces its desire to act on the same 4 orientations as the 2013-2016 plan:

  • developing its framework, taking Québec's socioeconomic issues and the needs of stakeholders into account
  • ensuring exemplary governance and effective management
  • drawing on the skills of its staff and keeping them mobilized and customer-service oriented
  • increasing its visibility and influence with the general public, partners and industry players.

Visual representation of the areas of focus of the 2013-2017 Strategic Plan [Fr]

The 2013-2017 Strategic Plan is consistent with the previous strategic plan. As such, its 12 objectives and indicators are maintained. However, a few target dates for certain indicators have changed so as to update them based on the completion dates of the target deliverables. The indicators affected are identified by an asterisk.

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