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Searching for a contractor or a licence number: consult the Licence holders' repertory.

Searching for a contractor or a licence number: consult the Licence holders' repertory.

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Our clients

The Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) operates in the field of construction. Its client base is highly diversified. Generally speaking, the RBQ is concerned with public safety and with the quality of the work performed by the persons who construct buildings or technical facilities, as well as with the safety of the users of these buildings/facilities and of the persons who come and go in their vicinity. 

The citizens

The RBQ puts the citizens at the heart of its concerns. Through all the actions the organization takes to fulfill its mission, and with the help of its collaborators and partners, the RBQ works every day to satisfy its clients’ needs, thanks to:

  • its contribution to the evolution of the construction and safety standards
  • the regulations which it administers
  • its monitoring of the compliance of the stakeholders with their obligations under the regulations
  • its investigations with regard to conformance and probity
  • the financial securities it sets out.

The owners of residential buildings targeted by a mandatory guarantee plan benefit the following protections:

  • reimbursement of the advance payments in case of non-performance of the work
  • completion of the work in case of a non-compliance of the contractor with their obligations
  • repair of defective work or faulty work.

As for the citizens who hire a contractor to carry out work which is not covered by the Guarantee plan for new residential buildings, they may exercise the regulatory provisions on the mandatory security of the licence holders.

The contractors and owner-builders

The RBQ delivers licences to building contractors and owner-builders. These licences confer them with a right of exercise, subject to the evaluation of their professional competence and of their probity. The RBQ sees to it that they hold a licence that is both valid and in agreement with to the types of work carried out.

If one or several defaults on regulation are observed, the RBQ then enacts so as to regularize the situation. The licence holders as well as the applicants for licence delivery thus form a major segment of the RBQ’s client base. This is why the RBQ supports these stakeholders to help them meet their responsibilities.

The professionals, the owners or the operators of buildings and facilities

The RBQ also supports the other stakeholders who have responsibilities under the Building Act: the professionals (architects, engineers or professional technologists), the owners or the operators of the facilities and buildings coming under the regulations. This support takes the shape of awareness campaigns, targeted actions and diffusion of technical information.

Pressure vessel manufacturers

The RBQ is an authorized inspection and verification agency regarding quality control programs in the field of pressure vessels.

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