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Petroleum equipment

Petroleum equipment covered

Facilities intended for the use, storage or distribution of a petroleum product are subject to regulatory requirements of the “Petroleum equipment installation” chapters of the Construction Code and the Safety Code.

“Petroleum equipment” means any container, piping, apparatus or other device that can be used in the distribution, handling, transfer or storage of petroleum products, or that is part of a petroleum equipment installation.

This covers an entire gamut of facilities and equipment: from the 4-litre red carrying cans to bulk storage tanks of several thousands of litres, as well as the tank holding fuel oil for a home heating system or diesel fuel for a generator, not to mention the underground tanks, piping and fuel pumps at service stations.


Under section 3.3.6 of the Regulation respecting the application of the Building Act, any apparatus that uses a petroleum product, such as a home heating appliance or a generator, is not subject to the “Petroleum equipment installation” chapters of the Construction Code and the Safety Code.

The installation and use of such devices or equipment may be covered by another regulation of the RBQ, of a department or agency or of a municipality.

High-risk petroleum equipment

Certain equipment is the subject of stricter surveillance both at the time of installation as well as operation. This is the case with high-risk petroleum equipment, which is classified according to 4 risk factors:

  • storage capacity
  • location
  • use
  • type of petroleum product contained therein.

List of high-risk petroleum equipment

The following table shows high-risk petroleum equipment as defined in section 8.01 of Chapter VIII of the Construction Code. The capacity of petroleum equipment that is joined, connected to or used with other petroleum equipment is determined by adding together their respective capacities.

Petroleum productHigh-risk petroleum equipment
Underground storageAboveground storageTanks used for commercial purposes
Ethanol fuel
Class I aviation fuel:
gasoline (grades 80 and 100 LL)
aviation turbine fuel, wide‑cut type (grades JET B and F-40)
500 litres and up2 500 litres and upAll

Diesel fuel

Biodiesel fuel
Class II aviation fuel:
aviation turbine fuel, kerosene type (grades JET A, JET A-1 and F-34)
Fuel oil and heavy fuel oil

500 litres and up10 000 litres and upAll
Fuel oil and heavy fuel oil4 000 litres and up (1)10 000 litres and upAll

1 Single-family home equipment with a capacity of less than 10 000 litres is not considered high-risk petroleum equipment.

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