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Searching for a contractor or a licence number: consult the Licence holders' repertory.

Searching for a contractor or a licence number: consult the Licence holders' repertory.

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List of subclasses


13.5 Construction – Prefabricated or special installations

This subclass authorizes construction work that is not the exclusive domain of master pipe mechanics and electrical contractors, and relates to prefabricated or special installations such as cold rooms, pools, skating rinks, excluding their heating or refrigeration systems, as well as sound and vibration-proofing systems. 

It also authorizes similar or related construction work.   

Additional explanations

This subclass authorizes, without exceeding the regulatory framework, construction work relating to:

  • buildings’ indoor pools
  • swimming and wading pools built in a municipal, provincial or federal park  
  • waterpark equipment
  • storage tanks other than those related to petroleum equipment installations  
  • skating rink boards and glass partitions, players’ benches  
  • inflatable structures (excluding foundations)   
  • cathodic protection
  • all pipes, filters and other accessories for water treatment and circulation systems (however, this subclass does not include work that is the exclusive domain of master pipe mechanics, i.e. work governed by Chapter III, Plumbing of the Québec Construction Code, such as water supply lines and waste pipes) 
  • the erection of prefabricated wood dryers consisting solely of walls, doors and roof of prefabricated panels, including the installation of anchors   
  • prefabricated radiation-protection parts   
  • power generating photovoltaic or wind turbine systems  

NOTE: The installation of refrigeration systems in cold rooms is governed by subclass 15.10 while the installation of a heating system in a dryer is governed by one of the appropriate heating system subclasses.  


  • the construction of above-ground or inground outdoor pools as well as basins and fountains (except in a municipal, provincial or federal park)  
  • the erection of a cold room or other freestanding structure that is not secured to the ground (ex.: white room, vault).   

If in doubt as to the applicable subclass, refer to the Keyword Index or contact us.

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