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Determining the required licence

List of subclasses


15.2.1 Contractor – Natural gas burner systems for certain work that is not reserved exclusively for master pipe-mechanics

This subclass authorizes maintenance work relating to natural gas combustion systems.  

It also authorizes construction work on natural gas combustion systems that is carried out on the territory of a local municipality whose population does not exceed 5,000 except if there is a public sewer, or on an unorganized territory. 

Finally, it authorizes related construction work

Additional explanations

This subclass is included, in its entirety, in <link en guide-pour-determiner-la-licence-requise>subclass 15.2.

This subclass authorizes, without exceeding the regulatory framework, construction work relating to:

  • the installation of natural gas stoves and fireplaces
  • the installation and connection of natural gas burners in a heating unit
  • the installation of wall vents and flue pipes
  • the installation and connection of the prefabricated natural gas chimney  
  • the installation of chimney flue liners
  • the installation and connection of natural gas radiant heating units   
  • the connection of the natural gas hot-water heater’s burner   

NOTE: To check whether or not a municipality has a public sewer or find out if its population exceeds 5,000, contact the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Land Occupancy [Fr].  

If in doubt as to the applicable subclass, refer to the Keyword Index or contact us.

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