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Determining the required licence

List of subclasses


2.3 Contractor – Underground water pumping systems

This subclass authorizes construction work that is not the exclusive domain of master pipe mechanics and electrical contractors, and relates to underground pumping systems as well as similar or related construction work.   

Additional explanations

This subclass authorizes, without exceeding the regulatory framework, construction work relating to:

  • the installation of an underground water pumping system including: pipes, strainers and pumps (outdoor and submersible) bringing water into a building
  • assembly of the water supply pump inside a building (connecting the plumbing system to the building must be carried out by the holder of a subclass 15.5 or 15.5.1 licence.
  • The electrical maintenance of the pumping system such as the replacement of parts (relays, pressure detectors, flow rate detectors, etc.).

The holder of a subclass 2.3 licence cannot carry out drilling work without holding a subclass 2.1 licence.  

The installation of pumps in a pumping station, water treatment or filtration plant is governed by subclass 1.1.1. 

Work related to water treatment systems (softener, filters, etc.) does not come under this subclass. It could, depending on the case, be governed by one of the following subclasses: 15.5, 15.5.1.  


If in doubt as to the applicable subclass, refer to the Keyword Index or contact us.

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