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Determining the required licence

List of subclasses


15.10 Contractor – Refrigeration

This subclass authorizes construction work that is not the exclusive domain of master pipe mechanics and relates to all refrigeration systems, including those involving air conditioning, industrial processes and product preservation. 

It also authorizes construction work on pulsed air heating and air conditioning systems, provided the contractor also holds the appropriate subclass 15.1, 15.1.1, 15.7 or 15.8 licence.

Make sure you have all the required subclasses

Read carefully the definition of this subclass. In addition to subclass 15.10, the contractor might also need other subclasses depending on the work he intends to carry out.

Furthermore, this subclass authorizes construction work on the heating and conditioning units of a hydronic system, provided the contractor also holds the applicable subclass 15.4 or 15.4.1 licence.

Finally, it authorizes similar or related construction work.

Additional explanations

Amendments to this subclass have been made and are in force since January 16, 2017. To know what the definition of this subclass was in the former regulation, consult the page Amendments to the subclasses concerning heating, ventilation and refrigeration systems.

To view different scenarios illustrating the sharing of work among subclasses governed by the regulatory amendments, refer to the following document: Description of specialized subclasses concerning heating, ventilation and refrigeration units [Fr].  

This subclass includes construction work in subclass 15.9.

This subclass authorizes, without exceeding the regulatory framework, construction work relating to:

  • the construction of cooling towers that are part of a refrigeration system
  • the installation of cooled water distribution systems (that are not drinking water systems) 
  • the installation of air conditioners
  • controls and regulators (this work also falls under subclass 17.1).

Note that work related to air distribution falls under either subclass 15.7 or

If in doubt as to the applicable subclass, refer to the Keyword Index or contact us.

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