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Determining the required licence

List of subclasses


15.6 Contractor – Propane

This subclass authorizes construction work that is not the exclusive domain of master pipe mechanics and relates to installations for the use, storage or distribution of propane, including their components and accessories as well as similar or related construction work. 

Additional explanations

This subclass authorizes, without exceeding the regulatory framework, construction work relating to:

  • propane combustion systems, including burners, heating units, tanks, vaporizers, pipes, regulators, controls, etc. ,
  • the connection of central heating systems (boilers or hot air generators) to the gas supply source (propane)
  • local heating units: propane fireplaces, stoves, radiators or convectors
  • the installation of propane supply pipes between the tank and the burner
  • the installation of wall vents
  • the connection to the chimney (flue pipes)
  • the connection of propane-operated generators (generating sets) 
  • the installation of prefabricated chimneys for propane
  • the installation of chimney flue liners for propane
  • the installation of regulators and controls
  • maintenance and demolition work on propane systems
  • supply centres, storage cabinets and filling stations,
  • the connection of propane-operated units such as:
    • household or commercial stoves
    • pool heaters
    • farm equipment: grain dryers, incubators, brooders, etc. 
    • restaurant equipment: fryers, pizza ovens, chicken rotisseries, steam tables, cooking ranges, etc.;
    • water heaters (the connection to the plumbing system must be carried out by a plumbing contractor with a subclass 15.5 or 15.5.1 licence while the electrical connection requires an electrical contractor’s subclass 16.0 licence, as the case may be)
    • industrial ovens (wood, bread, paint dryers) 
    • refrigerators
    • dryers

NOTE: This subclass does not include work relating to the distribution of hot air nor the distribution of hot water or steam.

NOTE: Construction work relating to solid fuel local heating systems is governed by subclass 10.10.

NOTE: The construction of a hot water or steam distribution system requires one of the following subclasses: 15.4 or 15.4.1.


  • connecting equipment using a plug. Ex.: cooking ranges, dryers

If in doubt as to the applicable subclass, refer to the Keyword Index or contact us.

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