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Searching for a contractor or a licence number: consult the Licence holders' repertory.

Searching for a contractor or a licence number: consult the Licence holders' repertory.

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Filing a complaint relating to unlicensed work

Complete the form

To facilitate the processing of your complaint, please include your contact information in the form. Your contact information will be for the exclusive use of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ), and will allow us to contact you if we need more information.

The fields preceded by an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

1. Your details

2. Details of the business or individual performing work while not holding the appropriate licence

3. Location where work is performed

What is the address of the location where the work is performed?

4. Date of the work performed

What is the approximate period during which the reported work was carried out?

5. Description of the work performed

*Ce champ est obligatoire.The work is under which Régie du bâtiment du Québec area(s) of intervention?

Check the area(s) in which the work was carried out:

*Ce champ est obligatoire.Please describe the nature of the work.

Have you noticed additional information that could help us identify the contractor?

*Ce champ est obligatoire.The work involved which type(s) of location?

Who is the work provider?

6. Complaint filed with another organization

Have you submitted this complaint to another organization?

*Ce champ est obligatoire.Complaints of unlicensed work that relate only to electricity or plumbing are handled by their respective corporations. If this is the case, do you authorize us to forward your complaint to the corporation concerned ?

7. Consent

The Building Act requires the RBQ to maintain the confidentiality of the information you send us, including your identity. Therefore, in order to process your complaint we must obtain your consent for the following situations:

*Ce champ est obligatoire.If necessary, do you authorize us to forward your complaint to other organizations, for example in case the complaint involves an infraction or a violation of provincial law?

If you accept, the RBQ will be able to forward your complaint in its entirety (including your personal contact information, when required) to the relevant organization, such as the Commission de la construction du Québec, Office de la protection du consommateur, etc.

*Ce champ est obligatoire.Do you authorize us to submit your complaint at a public hearing involving your contractor?

Depending on the severity or number of complaints received against your contractor, the contractor may be summoned to appear before the Bureau des régisseurs for a public hearing. If you authorize us to submit your complaint at such a hearing, a copy will be forwarded to your contractor and could also be forwarded to any person or organization that requests it following the hearing. They will therefore receive your name and the address of the work. However, your personal contact information (email, phone number, home address) will remain confidential.

Personal information that you provide with your complaint will be stored, used and communicated in compliance with the provisions of the Act Respecting Access to Documents Held by Public Bodies and the Protection of Personal Information. Subject to the Archives Act, once your complaint has been processed this information will be destroyed by the RBQ in accordance with the retention schedule.

It is possible to consult or correct this information by sending a request to the RBQ’s person in charge of access to documents and the protection of personal information. Please send your request to the address indicated on the RBQ and information distribution page [Fr].

Print the form for reference before moving to the next step. It won’t be possible to print it later.

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