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Examination policy and results

It is important that the guarantor be ready and available to write the examinations when the licence application is submitted.

A written notification will be mailed to the guarantor at his home address informing him of the date and time of the required examination and the address of the regional RBQ office where the examination will be held. Beware: no retake of examinations will be accepted.

Examination rules

Everyone who writes an examination must comply with the following rules.

  • Arrive 15 minutes before the examination is due to begin.
  • Present 2 pieces of signed photo ID.
  • Leave all personal belongings outside, including your cellphone, pager, coat, bag and briefcase, in the checkroom before entering the examination room.
  • Leave all reference materials outside, including workbooks and personal notes: The RBQ will supply all necessary materials for the purpose of the examination (ruler, pencil, calculator, dictionary, codes, regulations and statutes).
  • Do not reproduce the examination booklet or accompanying handbook.

If a candidate fails to comply with any of these rules, they will not be permitted to enter the examination room, or will be removed from the room. There is a significant waiting period before the candidate will be allowed to retake the examination.

Absent from an examination?

If a candidate cannot attend at the time and date indicated in the examination notice, the RBQ’s decision and the procedure to follow will be sent to him by mail.

From the moment he received this decision, the candidate has 2 possibilities, and he must act in the following 30 days.

In both cases, fees apply. Visit the page Fee structure for a contractor or an owner-builder to get more details.


The results of your examinations will be sent to you by mail. No results will be given by telephone.

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