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Guarantee Plan

Frequently asked questions related to the GMN administrator

The Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) has withdrawn its authorization to the APCHQ’s Garantie des maisons neuves (GMN) administrator. The management of this guarantee plan shall henceforth be entrusted to a provisional administrator who will be responsible for carrying on the operations so that the beneficiaries’ rights are respected.

  • GMN no longer meets the criteria of solvency set out by the Regulation respecting the guarantee plan for new residential buildings. It appears that $9.4 M would be missing from the reserve account in order to meet its liabilities.

  • Absolutely. The only difference is that the administration of your guarantee plan is now entrusted to a provisional administrator appointed by the RBQ, i.e. the firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton. You may communicate with the provisional administrator by using the following contact details: www.RaymondChabot.com/fr/GMN
    1 877 958-5445

  • No. You have nothing further to do. All of the GMN records are now supported by the provisional administrator. The transition has already been effected following collaboration between the two organizations.

  • The provisional administrator shall retain the same contact details as GMN. You must therefore proceed exactly the same way as previously. If however you have questions related to the operations of the provisional administrator, you may forward these by using the abovementioned contact details (see question 2).

  • You have nothing further to do. The claim process remains the same, and your file will be supported by the provisional administrator. As a matter of fact, the GMN staff presently in place has an expertise in the field and a thorough understanding of the records which are most valuable. Thus, this staff shall remain in function, but under the direction of the provisional administrator.

  • If claims remain pending upon exhaustion of the GMN’s reserve account, the guarantee fund will be used for the payment of the claims as per the process and the protections set out, provided the articles pursuant to this fund are in force.

  • In May 2012, the RBQ has entered into an agreement with the other administrators of the Guarantee plan for new residential buildings (Abritat and Qualité Habitation) in order to collect moneys intended to be deposited to constitute a guarantee fund. Through it, the RBQ sets out to create a special reserve that may be used in the case of major claims of an exceptional or unforeseeable nature, or in cases where a guarantee administrator is no longer in a position, due to its financial standing, to assume responsibilities of the guarantee plan. The provisional administrator will use the guarantee fund in cases where the reserve of the GMN became exhausted before the deadline of the guarantees.

    By virtue of this agreement, the administrators have begun collecting, as of August 1st, 2012, an amount of $300 per guarantee certificate, for each building or condominium unit which is covered by the Guarantee plan for new residential buildings and whose preliminary contract or contract for services has been signed on or after August 1st, 2012.

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