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Licencing process

This section provides detailed information for aspiring contractors and owner-builders about the steps in the licensing process and how long it will take.

Steps in the licensing process

1. We check to see if your application is complete

When we receive your licence application, the first thing we do is check to make sure that all the required documents have been provided and all the sections are complete.

If your application is incomplete, we will send it back to you with a written notice explaining why it has been returned.

2. We check to see if your application has been filled out correctly

In this step we take a closer look at the information and documents provided in your application to make sure they are accurate (same company name as in the Registraire des entreprises du Québec, correct licence security amount, etc.).

If there are discrepancies in your application, we will send you a written notice indicating the information or documents which must be provided to us within a specified period of time.

If we do not receive the information or documents requested by that deadline, your licence application will be rejected.

3. We review your probity

When we check to see if your application is accurate, we also examine the probity (honesty and integrity) of your company, officers and shareholders.

This step could increase the time it takes to process your application because we may need to ask you for additional information or documents.

4. We assess your competency

When your application is deemed to be complete and meets the requirements, we review the method or methods you chose to verify your professional competencies.

If you chose the exam method

A written notice will be sent to each guarantor’s home address indicating the date, time and place when the required exam or exams must be taken. Please note that exams cannot be deferred. If a guarantor cannot take the exam on the date indicated and wishes to re-register, the guarantor must submit an abridged application. See the Examinations: instructions and results page for details.

Exam results will be mailed directly to the guarantor. No results will be given by phone or email. If one or more exams are failed, visit the What happens if you fail? page for details about what to do.

It may be possible, even if certain exams have been failed, to still get your licence. See the Examinations – Who? How? How many? page for information about which exams are required to receive your licence. Failed exams may be taken again at a later date by the guarantors concerned.

If you request an exemption from the exams

If the guarantor has already successfully completed a recognized training program, if he submits a professional file or if his skills have already been recognized, we will review your request and send you our decision by mail.

If a request for an exemption is rejected, you may take the exams or contest the decision.

5. We send you your licence by mail

If you satisfy all the above conditions for obtaining your licence, we will send it to you by mail. You can legally carry out your activities as soon as the licence is activated. To find out if your licence has been activated, check the Licence holders’ repertory [Fr]This link open an external website of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec in a new window..

If we do not issue you a licence because you do not meet all the conditions, we will send you a written notice. You will be reimbursed for the licence fee, but we will not reimburse the fees paid to process the licence application. You may contest the decision.

Processing times

The RBQ processes licence applications within 60 days.

The 60 days excludes mainly the following:

  • Any period in which the RBQ is waiting for information or documents from you.
  • The period between the date the examination notice is sent and the date exams are taken.

The time frames are different if your business meets the requirements of an interprovincial agreement.

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