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Work not requiring a licence

Not all construction work requires a building contractor's licence. In fact, only construction work on buildings, facilities intended for use by the public, certain installations independent of a building, petroleum equipment installations and civil engineering works are subject to the Act.

The list below contains some of the work that does not require a licence. To verify that you indeed require a licence for the work you are planning, consult the Guide to determining the type of licence required [Fr]

  • Concrete pumping
  • Consultation by a professional for construction work
  • De-icing and snow removal, in particular on roofs, bridges, electrical transmission towers, roadways and sidewalks
  • Delivery of construction materials
  • Emergency work intended to close openings or to provide temporary waterproofing on a building that has been burglarized, vandalized, gutted or burned, or that has collapsed
  • Excavation of rock in a quarry
  • Felling of trees
  • Garbage removal along public roadways
  • Inspections (all types)
  • Installation of measurement instruments in a building or civil engineering work, including piezometers, pressure meters, extensometers, samplers, pendulums, etc.
  • Installation of self-adhesive film
  • Installation of solar panels for manufacturing processes or for swimming pools not intended for public use, except for anchors or supports
  • Landscaping
  • Lease of personnel (placement agency)
  • Management of quarry operations
  • Management of sanitary landfill operation
  • Mowing of grass (in particular along public roads)
  • Non-structural restoration of architectural elements inherent to a building, performed by artisans using artisanal techniques different from common renovation, repair or maintenance work on a building. This work more closely resembles art than construction work.
  • Production of asphalt, cement, crushed stone, or assembly of prefabricated parts in a plant on a construction site
  • Spreading of sand and abrasives on pavement
  • Spreading of water and other dust control agents on construction sites
  • Street cleaning
  • Testing to measure air flow, level of lighting, combustion, pressure, etc.
  • Water supply (temporary)

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