Paying your licence maintenance dues

In order to maintain your licence, you must renew it every year. You will be sent a notice of assessment by mail 60 days before your licence expires.

Is your file up to date?

According to the Building Act, you must notify the RBQ as soon as there are changes in your enterprise. Failing to notify the RBQ of any changes may result in the suspension or the cancellation of your licence.

Consult the page Update your file to ensure all your information is up to date.

Payment method

There are two ways to pay your licence:

  • online: to do so, visit Online payment [Fr] 
  • by mail: by sending a cheque or a money order to the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ).

If the RBQ does not receive the payment for maintenance of your licence 15 days before it expires, you will be sent a final notice. For payment amounts, go to Fee structure and fines.

If you do not pay the maintenance fees and charges

If you have not paid the fees and charges to maintain your licence at due date, your licence automatically becomes void. You will need to submit a new licence application if you want to continue doing business. See All the steps for obtaining a licence.

Keep your licence safe

The document you are issued by the RBQ is your licence and, like your car's licence plate, must be retained. Do not throw it out when you receive your annual notice of dues for maintaining your licence.

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