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Convocation to a hearing

The Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) is responsible for issuing contractor permits and licences. However, if the legal conditions are not respected or if the contractor is in breach of his obligations, it is possible that the RBQ will refuse to issue a licence and will convene the contractor to a hearing before the Bureau des régisseurs.

If you have been convened to a hearing, here is the information, filtered by subject, you need to prepare for it. Click on the topic of your choice:

Reasons for the convocation

You may be convened to a hearing before the Bureau des régisseurs de la RBQ for the following reasons:

  • a breach or non-observance of one of the obligations related to the licence. For example:
    • Mr. X lends his name to Mr. Y, which is prohibited by the Building Act.
    • Ms. Y is CEO of a company that no longer merits the public's trust because it has performed many poor-quality jobs.
  • the filing of an application for the issue or amendment of a licence. For example:
    • Mr. X files an application for the issue of a licence. He is also CEO of a company that holds a suspended licence.
    • Mr. Z has already applied for a licence for a company, which was cancelled according to section 70 of the Act within the past three years.
  • an application for the review of a decision.


If you have been convened to a hearing, you have received these documents by registered mail or email:

  • notice of intention: document written by the Direction des affaires juridiques of the RBQ containing:
    • the reasons why you are convened for a hearing before the Bureau des régisseurs
    • references to the Building Act
    • documentary evidence the RBQ will file at the hearing.
  • notice of convocation: document ordering you to appear before the Bureau des régisseurs, to be heard at the place, date and time determined. For a hearing in person, the address and room number will be indicated on this notice, and for a virtual hearing, you’ll find the meeting ID on the notice.
  • Documentary evidence: all documents that will be used as proof during the hearing.

Have you filed an application for the review of a decision? You will receive only one document, the notice of convocation.

Virtual hearing

As long as the social distancing measures will be in place during the pandemic, the use of a virtual hearing room will be prioritized to maintain the Bureau des régisseurs’ activities.


You must prepare for a hearing, whether it’s in person or virtual! Go to the Preparation for a hearing page to get more information.

Technical requirements

Consult the complete procedure for participating in a virtual hearing using the tool indicated on your notice of convocation.

Requesting a hearing in person

If you do not have the necessary technical requirements or if you prefer to have a hearing in person, please communicate with the Bureau des régisseurs as soon as possible and mention the reason why you want a hearing in person.

Postponing a hearing

Postponing a hearing could be possible but only for serious reasons. As soon as you know why you need to postpone your hearing, send a proof and file a written request to the Bureau des régisseurs Please note that if you do not ask to postpone your hearing, a decision could be rendered in your absence.

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