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Searching for a contractor or a licence number: consult the Licence holders' repertory.

Searching for a contractor or a licence number: consult the Licence holders' repertory.

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The contractor and the licence

  • First of all, you can require that the contractor shows you his/her licence, because this licence is a public document. Take note of the licence number (is made up of a series of 10 digits), and refer to the Licence holders repertory to confirm that this company is in good standing. The companies without licence are not listed in our repertory.

    You can also take note of the licence number of the contractor as it appears, for instance, on the company’s vehicle, in the company’s advertisements or in its website or page. As a matter of fact, the contractors that do hold a licence in good standing must display at all times their licence number on all of their identification and promotion supports.

  • The contractor who obtains a licence from the RBQ has demonstrated his/her skills by passing the examinations in safety management on construction sites, in administrative management, as well as in the management of construction work. He/she must also prove his/her solvency by depositing a licence security. Furthermore, the RBQ verifies the financial probity of each contractor.

  • As of the last census, over 40,000 contractors were holders of a licence in good standing.

  • A contractor who is working without a licence runs at all times the risk of being fined since he/she is committing an offence.

    There are always risks with calling upon a contractor without a licence to carry out any construction or renovation work. What if the contractor abandons the site without having finished the work, or worse, vanishes with your advance payment without even performing the work at all? Whether it is for a new construction or a renovation, the contractor you select should hold a contractor’s licence.

    It is a mandatory requirement that licence holders detain a licence security. The licence security is intended to compensate any client who suffered prejudice as a result of the non-performance or performance of the construction work, and arising directly from the partial payments made, the non-completion of the work, poor workmanship and defects discovered within one (1) year following the end of the work.

  • The licences issued are of indefinite term. To learn if your contractor still holds a valid licence, please refer to the Repertory of the licence holdersThis link open an external website of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec in a new window.. The holder must make sure he/she meets the payment of the regulatory fees and charges due each year in order to maintain his/her licence.

  • It is essential to take several precautionary measures before engaging the services of a contractor:

    • Make sure you deal with a contractor holding a building contractor’s licence issued by the RBQ, the CMMTQ or the CMEQ. Furthermore, make sure that the name of the contractor appearing on the contract matches the name of the company who holds the licence.
    • Ask tenders from more than one contractor.
    • Contact former clients of the contractor to ask about their satisfaction with the contractor’s work.
    • Require a contract containing an accurate and detailed description of the work as well as a time frame for its performance.
    • Pay the smallest advance payment possible.
    • Retain your final payment until the work has been completed to your satisfaction.
    • If you suffer a prejudice which is covered by the licence security, do not wait before forwarding to the contractor a formal demand of performance, preferably by registered mail. Keep the registered mail receipt; you will need it if you ever decide to seek legal remedy.
  • You can verify this by contacting us, provided that the licence is still valid and that the request is consistent with the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information.

    L’Office de la protection du consommateurThis link open an external website of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec in a new window. also issues itinerant sales permits and can inform you whether or not complaints have been filed to the contractor’s record.

  • When you enter into a contract with a general contractor, it is his/her right to engage the services of his/her own subcontractors. If you would like your contractor to hire a specialized contractor that you have selected, there shall be an agreement to this effect between both parties.

  • You must contact the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) This link open an external website of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec in a new window., at 514 694-8110, to obtain this type of information.

  • In order to have the work or facility inspected, you must contact a member of one of the following corporations:

    In the case of an electrical or plumbing facility that appears to be substandard, we invite you to complete the Complaint and reporting form. An inspector will get in touch with you within thirty (30) days, and will set out the actions to be taken.

  • The Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information does not allow the disclosure of this information without the consent of this person.

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