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Building chapter from the Safety Code

In order to facilitate the understanding of some sections or to give further details, the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) provides, in the table below, interpretations and technical and administrative directives regarding the Building Chapter of the Safety Code.

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Section concerned


Compliance with the applicable standards according to the year of construction2015-11-01 344 of Chapter VIII, Building, of Québec Safety Code Building alteration, building use, initial requirements
Residential occupanciesnd346, 351 to 354, 356 to 360 and 366 of Chapter VIII, Building, of Québec Safety CodeSleeping room, fire safety, carbon monoxide alarm, indoor parking garage, smoke alarm, emergency lightning, fire detection and alarm system, fire separation, more binding requirement
Requirements of the National Fire Code2013-03-01 370 of Chapter VIII, Building, of Québec Safety CodeSprinkler system, fire detection and alarm system, door closer, emergency equipment, evacuation, safety measure, rescue drill, private seniors’ residence, health care occupancy, maintenance requirement
Façades - Maintenance and inspection2013-03-01 371 to 384 of Chapter VIII, Building, of Québec Safety CodeHigh building, verification report, dangerous condition, sign of deterioration
Parking garages – Maintenance and inspection2017-04-01 385 to 400 of Chapter VIII, Building, of Québec Safety CodeMultistorey, underground, aboveground, annual verification information sheet, dangerous condition, preventive maintenance, repairs
Private seniors’ residences (PSR)2015-03-01 346 to 369 of the Chapter VIII, Building, of the Québec Safety Code (except sections 351 and 357)Fire safety, elderly, emergency lightning, fire resistance, fire separation, fire detection and alarm system, smoke detector, carbon monoxide alarm