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Instructions and Explanatory Guide for Mass Timber Buildings of up to 12 Storeys

In accordance with the limits of the Québec Construction Code, Chapter 1 – Building (National Building Code, 2010, amended), hereinafter called the Code, a designer wishing to build a timber building over 6 storeys must submit a request for equivalent measures to the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ). Under section 127 of the Building Act, the RBQ may determine the conditions allowing the use of wood as a material different from those prescribed by the Code for the construction of a building over 6 storeys.

The RBQ and its appointed experts consider that designers and builders who have the required competencies can ensure that mass timber buildings of up to 12 storeys offer the same level of quality and safety as buildings designed with other materials:

English Version of the Guide

An English version of the guide is available. You have to send your email request to the RBQ to obtain an electronic copy.

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