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Web accessibility enables persons having disabilities to access the information contained in the Internet sites. For instance, through accessibility, a blind person using material technical aids, such as a braille display, and software aids, such as speech synthesis software, may interpret the informational content of the Web pages. Accessibility also means that mobility impaired persons can browse easily on the Internet.

Accessibility of Régie du bâtiment du Québec’s (RBQ)

This site is XHTML/CSS standards compliant, as these are recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium This link leaves the Régie du bâtiment du Québec’s website.. Through this rule of development, content may be rendered accessible in the voice browsers, screen readers and braille displays being used by the persons having disabilities. This site is also in compliance with the standards of accessibility which have been adopted by the Government of Quebec, namely the SGQRI 008 This link open an external website of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec in a new window. standard.

This site has been verified with the following computer-adaptive technologies:

  • Non Visual Desk Accessibility, version 2010.2 (NVDA 2010.2);
  • Color contrast analyser version 1.2;

The page display has also been approved through various browsers:

  • Firefox version 3.6;
  • Internet explorer version 6, 7 et 8;
  • Google Chrome;
  • Safari 4.

Display options

In the upper right corner of the page are the display options which enable you: to increase or reduce the size of the text; and to switch the page display to high contrast mode or to inverted contrast mode.

Description of the icons

  • The hyperlink will open in a new window
  • The hyperlink will direct you to the page of the glossary
  • The hyperlink will open the print window of your browser
  • Switches to normal display
  • Switches display to high contrast mode
  • Inverts the display of the site
  • Enables user to increase or reduce the size of the text displayed on the screen


The meaning of the abbreviations and acronyms used in this website is given in a glossary.

Non-compliant contents

Some content items in the RBQ’s site are not compliant with the governmental accessibility standards. These contents are:

  • the Licence-Holders Registry;
  • some downloadable documents intended for persons belonging to a particular group with regard especially to their occupations or to the nature of their activities;
  • multimedia presentations.

Furthermore, the RBQ cannot guarantee the accessibility of certain content emanating from third parties, which are not governed by the standards of the Quebec Administration on the accessibility of a website to persons having disabilities.

The RBQ’s follow-up on the application of standards with regard to accessibility

The RBQ’s Report on the application of standards [Fr] with regard to accessibility sets out the progressing of the implementation of the standards in effect with regard to Web accessibility, as adopted by the Conseil du trésor. The Report provides a brief presentation of the various components which to this day remain non-compliant with the standards, as well as of the activities, the impediments encountered, and the resources drawn upon for the purpose of implementation.

Hot line

If you need any help when browsing on the site, if you cannot access any content by using computer-adaptive technologies, or if you experience problems with filling out the forms on this site, please contact us by mail or by using the following telephone number: 1 800 361-0761.

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